YEAR FIVE (Sept 13-16, 2018)

Sustain-Release Year Five

Sustain-Release hits YEAR FIVE Sept 13-16, 2018 at Camp Kennybrook with a proper dousing in new directions of the US + global underground.

We’re starting a day earlier on Thursday, warming up with exploratory music under the stars. The only stage will at The Grove by a campfire. This year, Huerco S. debuted WEST MINERAL LTD., a new label expanding on his signature strain of haunted, narcotic ambient. In a showcase for the label, he’ll play under his new alias PENDANT, joined by Berlin’s UON, whose excellent LP was the label’s second release. RAMZI’s live set takes us for a dip into her world: uneasy collisions of slippery global rhythms and psychoactive conjuring. San Francisco rave royalty SOLAR & MOZHGAN stir the witches’ brew with a DJ set of reptilian slow burners. Beloved Japanese selector DJ HEALTHY opens the weekend. Friday afternoon is strictly for chilling, canoeing, basketball, and a dubby BBQ in the woods helmed by BLAZER SOUND SYSTEM.

The Main Stage goes heavy all weekend. On Friday, living legend DJ STINGRAY returns to the scene of the crime with superhuman mixing and slicing electro from another realm. Denmark’s COURTESY is rushing, dreamy and melodic, combining Copenhagen’s fast + furious new school with steamy rarities. Jamaican-born Discwoman affiliate SHYBOI adds a new rung to the techno-hardcore continuum, fusing powerful linear styles with rap and dancehall elements at a raw, destructive pace. Vancouver duo MINIMAL VIOLENCE are pure Mills-ian drum machine madness with blissed out leads and a riveting live dynamic. Seattle’s ARCHIVIST & FUGAL represent their label secondnature with searching deep techno to set it off at sundown.

Bristol takes over Bossa with two heavyweights: the airy pads, cheeky choons and nonstop momentum of SHANTI CELESTE leads into the rolling low end & broken beats of the French emissary releasing with Bristol’s Livity Sound and Timedance, known for epic sets that move through tempos with a rude finesse. Earlier in the night Ridgewood represents: INCIENSO is the new label from Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery aka DJ’J, which dives deep into the humid & hypnotic sounds of the Fairview diaspora. They’re followed by BETA LIBRAE, whose druggy, alluringly strange “Sanguine Bond” LP is the label’s second release.

Across the pond, The Grove serves as a chillout zone. Nowadays founders & Brooklyn mainstays Mister Saturday Night bring their deep listening session PLANETARIUM, which spans genres and foregrounds warm human textures. By comparison, HYPNOTIC SPA are the scene’s upstarts, jamming tripped out audio collages in cramped art bars.  THE LONG COUNT CYCLE call forth unknown spirits from deep within the trees.

For the Saturday pool party, the two crews at the vanguard of America’s queer party underground - SF’s HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM and Pittsburgh’s HONCHO - take over for an epic six hour, six person B2B.

Saturday’s main stage closes with an extended set by Japanese hypnotic techno master DJ NOBU, who embodies the “Future Terror” of his legendary parties. Playing live is Danny Wolfers aka LEGOWELT who across two decades and over thirty aliases has jacked directly into the mainframe of his own synthetic universe. MAMA SNAKE brings rapid-fire rave euphoria late into the weekend, mixing in trance and the high-BPM sound from her Ectotherm label, previously co-founded with Courtesy. Two Brooklyn key players set the tone: LIQUID ASSET’s live sets, performed on her own hand-built hardware, are a slipstream of airy, bubbling acid and groove. PURE IMMANENCE splice throbbing, linear tracks with cosmic vistas and unnerving ASMR finds.

Bossa lets things breathe a bit with a live set from BUTTECHNO. He first emerged in 2014 via a series of mysterious transmissions from Moscow: snaking, smoked out techno soaked in low end, always with something uncanny about them, starting with that name. London’s JOSEY REBELLE is back for Round II and this time it’s personal: she’ll close the Bossa stage with no fixed end time. Tough, percussive, diverse and moody, her sets are as journeying as they are physical. Chicago’s ERIS DREW aims for a spiritual submission to the primal & ecstatic, and over the last year her DJ sets have left a trail of breathless converts in their wake. Author, poet, celebrated fine artist, and modern icon JULIANA HUXTABLE starts the night with a blast of fresh energy: her DJ sets interrogate the boundaries of self, genre and gender. She’s followed by GALCHER LUSTWERK, the producer whose unique, ultra deep and cruising sound has influenced a generation of producers.

Across the pond, The Bunker NY & IT resident and Labyrinth regular PATRICK RUSSELL practices the dark arts with the sole ambient set of the night.

Both stages have hand-built lighting by NITEMIND. Campus environmental lighting is done by KIP DAVIS, with additional light works by artist SIGNE PIERCE. Funktion-One sound systems by PURPLESOUND. Food is provided by the same teams as last year: LIL MO’S in the canteen and vegan-focused REMEDI FOOD in the cafe.

Year Five tickets are limited to 1,000. Due to limited capacity, S-R uses a membership system for previous attendees and their guests. Entrance at the camp will start at 3PM Thursday and close Sunday 3PM. Tickets are valid for the entire weekend; we don’t offer day-passes. Buses will go upstate on Thurs & Friday and return to NYC on Sunday, and will go on sale after July 25th. Parking passes are free and become available August 30th. 

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RAMZI live



5PM DJ Healthy

7PM uon

9PM Pendant

11PM RAMZi Live

12-3AM Solar & Mozhgan


2PM Blazer Sound System feat. Tara-Jo Tashna at The Grove

4PM Basketball Tournament with DJ Wawa + crew


9:30 PM Pure Immanence

11:30PM Liquid Asset Live

12:30AM Legowelt Live

1:30AM Mama Snake

3:30-7:30AM DJ Nobu


10PM Juliana Huxtable

11:30PM Galcher Lustwerk

1:30AM Buttechno Live

2:30AM Eris Drew

4:30AM-?? Josey Rebelle 

— Credits —
First and foremost: this amazing crowd who propels it with pure warm energy and focus
Camp Kennybrook: Howard, Bunky & staff
Site Managers: Richard Gamble, Nikki Brown, assistant Ramón Jaramillo
Production: Aline von Spotz, Declan Kelleher, Emma Olson, Laura Mackenbach, Jansen Scott, Jason Halal, Marvin Uhde, Sam Kellam, Stephen Kimbel-Olson, Ronan Kelly
Lighting by Nitemind: Michael Potvin, Lauren Klenow, Adam Aslan, Nathan Cook, Raj Medhekar, Steve Grise, Travis Buechner, Zanzie Addington-White + volunteers: Brendan Bercik, Carter Harrington, Chris Roberts, Christian Rosario, Enayet Kabir, Heather Strange, Jason White, Keenan MacWilliam, Lydo Le, Masha Koblyakova, Natalia Quiroz, Nic Woodward, Sam Clarke, Sloane Solley, Taryn Miller, Taylor Sakarett, Thomas Dennis, Vickie Pan
The Grove Lighting by Kip Davis + crew: James Moore, Jane Angmar, January Gorsline, Mijo Reyes, Perri Mackenzie
The Grove stage tent: Safwat Riad & Chaichi Bangbang
Sound Director: Daniel Neumann
Purple Sound: Alex Graham, Peter Munch + crew.
Stage Managers: Fede Gomez, Jade Guterman, Katie Lau, Taylor Bense
Artist Hospitality: Lesly Remy Jr., Stephanie Kimberly, Sophia Sempepos
Bar: Director John Barclay, Manager Edward Thompson + Bartenders Luz Angelica Fernandez, Greem Jellyfish, Vanessa Mcginley, Diego Diaz, Beto Cravioto, Stephen Barnes, Erica Kenia, Jon Nicholson, Mitchell Stepien, Nicki Allen Forbes
Remedi Food: Mantra Mundana + staff: Ai Lin, Amhara Xhosa, Angel Garcia, Cameron Porter, Getty Rene, Jan Woo, Justin Kelly, Lawn Mall, Lynn Vveis, Pauli Cakes, Reggie Scott Smith, Riv Malka, Slater G String, Virginia De Las Posaz
Lil Mama’s: Linda Thach + staff
Bikini Grill: Angelina Vezzetti + Elena Dowling
Security: A.D.M. Security Inc. directed by John Barclay, including MVPs Karen Herbert + Jay Narvaez
“Arts & Crafts” room installation: Signe Pierce
Check-in: Enyo Amexo, Din Din, Frankie Hutchinson, Katyann Gonzalez, Maŕa Peralta, Molly Smith, Salem Hilal, Sandy Heyaime, Seze Devres, Ramón Jaramillo, Tyler Jones
Buses: Elle Dee, Enyo Amexo, Juan Cortez, Kayla Waldorf
Artist Travel Coordinator: Phil Krogt
Artist Drivers: Andrew Guigno, Anita, Arak James, Carl Mitchell, Heidi Sabertooth, Tyler Thacker, Ned Sonnenschein
Merch by Boot Boyz Biz + X-tra. Staff: Daniel Durakovic, Melissa Tannenbaum
Ticketing development: Olga Romanova
Customer service: John Rohrer
Partners: Bossa Nova Civic Club, Mutual Dreaming
Bridge guards: Miko J + Maraliz Campos
Basketball Tournament: organizer Brendan Arnott, all players, and the champions
Cabin hosts: NAP, House of God, Pure Immanence, Discwoman, Hot Tub, Book Club, Sandy’s Cuddle Puddle, Kiss & Tell, Whatever Forever, Hypotic Spa, Kabin Kweens, The Soup Kitchen
Medics: Maddy Brown, Trevor Coleman
Special thanks: Firestarter Ryan Scannura, Nowadays, Masha Zhak, Logan Grosenick, Salem Hilal
Photographers: Lena Shkoda, Luis Nieto Dickens, Raul Coto-Batres, Sean Schermerhorn
Lawyer: Luque PLLC
Directors: Aurora Halal + Daniel Martin-McCormick
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