Year Six tickets go on sale soon!

On June 19, 3PM EDT the initial lineup will be announced and Round One tickets go on sale. When those sell out, the store will close again until July 17, 3PM EDT for the final lineup and remaining half, Round Two.

We'll have a total of 1000 tickets: 350 are cabin beds and the rest are camping.

All tickets are sold through our membership-only ticketing system which works the same way it has for the last two years. Anyone who previously attended is a member, and each member can buy one ticket for themselves and one for a guest. Round One tickets are for returning members only (you can buy only 1 for yourself), and after Round Two you can buy a ticket for your guest (and/or yourself if you hadn't yet). The purpose of this is to give priority to the people who previously attended.

If you have never attended before, you will need a friend who is a member to invite you to join them.


1. If it was your first time going last year, you will receive an invitation today to create your own membership login, so click the link to create your login & password. If you didn't get the invite by tomorrow, then email us at If you already have an account, you don't need to do anything now.

2. Once you've activated your account, you will be able to log in to when the store opens at 3PM June 19th. If you can’t remember your password, there will be a link for a password reset when the store is open.

3. Coordinate with friends and pick your cabin or camping from the dropdown menu. Check out the campus map here. You'll be able to scroll down on the ticket site to view remaining available spots left in each cabin.

4. During the first round, you can buy only one for yourself. It needs to be in your name & using the same email address matching your account.

5. During the second round, you can buy one for yourself (if you haven’t already), and/or one for a guest that you are bringing. You can only get a guest ticket if you are attending this year, the system won't let you check out otherwise. Use your guest's legal name and their current email address while buying their ticket. You are responsible for the guests you bring, so don't buy tickets for anyone you don't know or trust.

6. Ticket transfers will be available after July 23rd at $20 a transfer. You can also swap cabins with someone using a transfer. Scalping (selling at a higher price or to strangers) will result in your tickets being refunded & membership revoked.

If you are sober and want to be placed in a sober-only cabin, get in touch. For any questions, email and allow up to 24 hours for a response. Please review our Rules/FAQ, and help us maintain the great and respectful vibe at S-R.