Year Four tickets are sold out!

Due to limited capacity, we use a membership-only ticketing system created from previous-year attendees and their guests. New memberships & additional tickets are not available, please do not email us. 

Ticket transfers & cabin swaps will be available soon at $20 a transfer.  

You are responsible for the guests you bring, so don't buy tickets for anyone you don't know or trust. Please review Sustain-Release's Rules/FAQ, and help us maintain the great and respectful vibe brought to S-R for the last three years. Scalping (selling tickets at a higher price than they were bought for) will result in your tickets being refunded & membership revoked.


Attendees must be 21+. Check in is from 3PM-11PM, and also at the shuttle bus pickup location in Brooklyn.  You'll need a valid ID that matches your ticket. If someone sold a ticket to you, make sure you got it transferred and in your name before coming. You can't bring in alcohol, fireworks, or weapons and we'll search your bag.  If you miss the 11PM cutoff for checking in, call or text the check in manager who can meet you at the entrance after hours. 9292482131