Tickets for Year Five are sold out!

If you're looking to find someone to sell your ticket to, or to buy someone else's, you can post in the member-based ForumEach ticket will need to be transferred here, which costs $20. You exchange the ticket money directly between seller + buyer.

Resold tickets can go to non-members, but they need to be hosted by a member who is attending.  You are responsible for the guests you bring, so don't buy tickets for anyone you don't know or trust.  Memberships will be revoked for scalping (selling at higher price) or if your guests cause problems at the event.

You can also swap bunks with someone if you both agree to it. (use Cabin Swap)

Shuttle bus tickets are here.


Attendees must be 21+. Check in is on Thursday Sept 13th at 3PM-11PM, and again on Friday 2PM-11PM, and at the shuttle bus pickup location in Brooklyn in the 30 minutes before your scheduled bus times. You'll need a valid ID that matches your ticket. If someone sold a ticket to you, make sure you got it transferred and in your name before coming. You can't bring in alcohol, fireworks, or weapons and we'll search your bag. 

If you miss the 11PM cutoff for checking in, call or text the after-hours check in person to arrange them to meet you at the gate. We'll include a phone number here when it gets closer.