Tickets gIVE access to the entire campus & stages for both days.

Due to limited capacity, we use a membership-only ticketing system created from previous-year attendees and their guests. New memberships are not available, please do not email us.  Attendees must be 21+

This year will have a total of 900 tickets, priced $140-150 for camping, $160-170 for cabins.
For those that already have a membership, you will be able to log in to the portal the same way as last year.  If you attended for the first time last year, you should have received an invitation to create your own membership login.  For new attendees, you have a chance to buy tickets on the Forum where people re-sell their tickets, usually in the month leading up.

Ticket Instructions:  
1. Log in to

2. Coordinate with friends and pick your cabin or camping from the dropdown menu. Scroll below to view availabilities in each cabin.

3. You can buy maximum 2 tickets: one for yourself and one for a guest. You may not buy tickets for guests without attending.  After the ticket in your name, use the legal name and current email address for the ticket for a friend. Note: both tickets don't need to be purchased at once. Scalping will result in your tickets refunded & membership revoked.

You are responsible for the guests you bring, so don't buy tickets for anyone you don't know or trust. Please review Sustain-Release's Rules/FAQ, and help us maintain the great and respectful vibe brought to Camp Lakota for the last two years.

Can't wait!