Respect for the space and each other is essential. 

S-R aims to be a safe space from sexism, racism, homophobia/transphobia, aggressive behavior, unwanted touching, bad vibes. We're counting on everyone to bring a positive, communal attitude.

No smoking inside the venues, cabins, by the pool, or anywhere other than the designated smoking areas. There's one by each stage, at the campgrounds & campfire. This is very important to the camp.

Leave no trace. That includes cigarette butts, cans/cups, trash, and leaving things behind at your cabin or campsite. Don't bring glitter, confetti, etc. Keep it clean & pick up litter as you go. 

Cross single file over the wooden bridge to The Grove. Leave 10 feet of space in between groups so there's not too many people on it at once.

No grilling, fires or fireworks.  But there will be a campfire at The Grove.

No BYOB alcohol, but bringing your own food is OK. There are bars and restaurants on-site, and we've made sure prices are low.

Zero tolerance for theft, vandalism or illegal substances.

No pets or speakers. 

No swimming in the pond, we are told there are some serious snapping turtles 🐢.

Look after each other.  If someone looks unwell, is acting recklessly or harassing others -- please report it to security and/or first aid immediately.


Sleeping bag/bedding for your bunk bed or tent (all mattresses are twins). 

Warm clothes, extra socks, shoes & rain gear.  It gets very cold at night and could rain!!  

Bug spray. Check for ticks because there is Lyme disease in the area.

Don't bring laptops or valuables. The cabins have no locks.

Cash. There is no ATM on site. But the restaurant and bars take credit cards too.

An ID for check in that matches your ticket. All attendees must be 21+.

Make a note of your bunk assignment & bus ticket times. They only need your last name at check in, but download/print your e-tickets to remember your assignments because you wont get service on campus.

Bathing suit and towel.

Water bottle. There is free water at the campground & kitchen, and you can use it for drinks at the bar as well.

If you're camping:

•  A double skin tent that has both an inner and outer layer that aren't touching each other. This is the key to staying waterproof! Outer tent gets damp, inner tent stays dry.
•  Air or foam mattress - sleep with a barrier between you and the cold (+ potentially damp) ground.
•  Tarp - put under your tent for an extra layer between you and the ground.
•  Flashlight
•  There is bottled drinking water and a faucet for hand washing available at the campsite, and an 8-stall shower trailer up the hill by the driveway.


Assignments are printed on the bottom right hand side of your e-ticket PDF, make sure to save it in advance because there is no cell service at camp!  Letter bunks are near the Bossa Stage, Number Bunks are by the basketball court up the hill. There is a map this time haha :)


Lil Mo's in the Canteen (fried rice with meat options, spring rolls, soups, breakfast eggs, coffee etc):  Thurs 5PM-12AM, Friday + Saturday 9AM-12AM, Sun 9AM-1PM.
Remedi Food (plant based meals, sandwiches, soups, salads, smoothies, sweets, stimulants, sustenance): Thurs 3PM-3AM, Friday + Saturday 10AM-3AM, Sun 10AM-3PM. Full Menu
Kini Grill: Coal BBQ with burgers. Friday + Saturday by the pool: 1PM-6PM.
First Aid / EMT: Always open, they're in the building next to the basketball courts with a glowing red sign. Please knock on the door & wake the medics if needed. Phone number: 9293755114.
Campsite: drinking water, handwashing stations & portapotties.
Showers: an 8 stall shower trailer will be located in the basketball court by the driveway.
Bars: at both stages.
Parking lot: (MAP) You will need a parking pass to park here. If you don't have one, park in town and take a cab over. Don't park in a conspicuous place where you could be towed or blocking anyone, or be loud, which could draw police to us. The local taxi phone number is: 845-794-4040


Yes, by purchasing a Ticket Transfer. The member who bought the ticket will need to log in to do the transfer.
Bus tickets can be transferred for free using the link in your ticket you received from
All ticket transfers close on the Wednesday before Sustain at midnight.

Help us maintain a safer space - don't sell your tickets to anyone you don't know or trust.  Memberships will be revoked for selling to strangers, scalping (selling at a higher price) or if your guests cause problems at the event (like breaking the rules listed above). 

What do I do if I'm late for FRIDAY check in, OR COMING ON SATURDAY?

Call the after-hours check in person to arrange them to meet you at the gate: 9293752913

What if it rains?

Unfortunately it has 2/4 years so far, so come prepared! The two main stages are inside, but The Grove is outdoor. Bring a raincoat, extra socks, and if you're camping, a waterproof tarp.


Please don't.  S-R prefers to go under-the-radar with minimal press. We ask for any features, photo galleries, or reviews to be approved by us in advance.